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   DANZY start make supercritical fluid co2 extraction plant since 2000 years,Now our company already be the leading company in the market and the field of CO2 SFE labs and industrial CO2 SFE plants. We has developed and manufactured a series of small,medium and large industrial CO2 SFE plants from 100ml to 5000L ,With an independent laboratory,we can supply customers with general process flow,special process flow and special process parameters required for extraction of special materials.It has rich experience in the manufacturing,installation and training of the plant.The SFE plants made by DANZY have been used by a lot of domestic users for different application purposes in university and study units.More and more abroad companies find us and come to cooperate with us for the projects,Danzy always provide best machines with best service,welcome to visit us and contact us for the latest product information.